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As responsible for the investment of treasurer for the Asset Management subsidiary of the first French bank, I can testify that winvest is the solution to make your money grow on a continuous and daily basis with a gross monthly performance oscillating, according to the volatility of the markets, between 2.5 and 5% gross per month. I can testify that since the beginning every day has resulted in gains. The algorithms deployed on your platform are very efficient. The founders, who have very solid experience in the financial markets, are not content to let the algorithms manage but intervene on them almost daily in order to make the most of market volatility. The managers know the portfolios of each investor perfectly and answer all your questions in complete transparency, whether about the operation of the algorithm or the strategy implemented. They are reachable at any time of the day. In addition, opening an account is easy and your money is available within 24 hours. And to top it off, you have access to your account 24/7 and can follow the evolution of your portfolio live and in complete transparency. In summary Winvest is the solution for your savings.

Urie M.

I am a customer of Winvests since october 2020, the performance is just impressive. I have an average performance of 4% every month. After almost a year, I strongly recommend Winvests for your personal investment.

François D.

I allow myself to testify concerning the algorithm I had the chance to subscribe to more than a year ago. I bring this testimony so that a maximum of people can subscribe to this algorithm, which allows me to earn between 2000 and 2800 euros net for 100K euros of capital each month. Most of the time, I get my earnings back because the current situation is not very good in my field, and sometimes I leave my earnings on the algo to increase my starting capital. The algorithm allows me to be more serene each month. The follow-up is constant, accompanied by a monthly summary. Gad is present for each of my questions or interrogations. For all these reasons, I strongly recommend the subscription of the algo, forget all your fears, the incomes are real. Access to your account is immediate 24 hours a day throughout the week.

Damien B.

A little bit sceptical at the beginning, I finally decided to invest the minimum amount to join this plan and see what it does after one year. After 3 months only, I tripled my initial investment as it was performing well and also because I saw how it worked. (I have no knowledge in trading forex). I consider this investment as my main retirement plan, which should grow fast as I keep the interests in order to be reinvested, thus benefiting from the compound interests effect.

Jean B.

Initially I was looking for an investment solution for excess cash, I have now been invested since September 2019 on this algorithm which gives me complete satisfaction.  The gross monthly average return since inception is over 2.5% per month.  The controlled risk and the professionalism of the founders were able to get through the Covid crisis without any problem.  The investment is ideal, the money stays in your account.  I have now tripled my starting investment.  If you are looking for an investment with a significant return this is the ideal investment.


I highly recommend the platform Winvests which fits totally to my expectations. Performances are amazing and totally respond to my hopes. It is very easy to use, no need to worry about dealing with it, nevertheless, profitability is great, more than convincing.


I was introduced to forex algorithmic trading by a friend of mine. I must say that I have been impressed from the beginning. The people running this firm are true professionals. They are reachable to answer your questions, and their monthly reports are well designed and easy to understand. Based on my experience with them, I would say that It’s forex made simple.

Marc B.

To be honest, I was very sceptical about the funds to deposit. I thought about it for a long time, each time rejecting my entry into Winvests, but the longer I waited, the more the algorithm did its job. After several long conversations with Mr Sebbag, reassuring me and showing me the algorithm's security with minimalist positions. I have been there since December 2019, and to this day, I have absolutely no regrets about my investment. The performance for the year 2020 was 45% of the invested capital. There are many algorithms on the market that promise you fantastic performance, but in the end, they are not. The success of Winvests is the combination of two factors: the competence of its founders and artificial intelligence.

Laurent M.

Despite my initial severe doubts about an algorithmic trading positive experience for retail investors, I am pretty impressed with the performance and constant steady growth of Winvests. The very low leverage, the currencies diversification, a unique statistical edge, and this system's permanent monitoring ensure a low risk and diversified investment. Moreover, Winvests can be plugged into the broker of my choice on my personal account, which is definitely a key element to my peace of mind.

Patrick V.

It's been a few months that I've entrusted Gad &  Niv to manage a part of my finances. They created an AI software that deals with trading. My experience so far has been profitable and promising. Gad and Niv are always available and helpful.


I first started investing with Winvest a year and a half ago just before the corona virus epidemic. I never experienced a loss and had regular earnings. The management is transparent and professional. The team is always available for questions and discussion regarding performance.

John S.

It has been 2 years since I invested funds at Winvests. At first with the minimum sum, then before the regular earnings (3% monthly gross) I regularly reinvested for significant sums. During this whole period I have never experienced a loss, even during the corona virus crash of March 2020 the performances were there. The management is exemplary, transparent, and very flexible. The managers monitor the trades daily with the utmost care and an exemplary level of professionalism. My confidence comes from there. To know one of the managers (Mr Sebbag) who is an excellent trader I know that nothing is left to chance. the algo is under close surveillance. Regular profitability is proof of this. The team is very available and answers all questions. Personally I think we have access to exceptional know-how.

Olivier B.

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